Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pledging Allegiance

Perhaps the greatest reward granted to American football fans (not fans of American football (MLS; or NFL for that matter), but rather Americans who like real football) is that we have the ability to choose that club which we pledge fidelity to; that club whose song lyrics we can recite at a breath's moment; that club whose roster sheet you've meticulously studied; that club whose kit you don't wear, but rather swathe in for its history, tradition, culture; that club which you get permanently branded across your back (like this guy).

With no inherited allegiance (no family football history, no "local" team), the substance of my fan-hood lies within, pretentiousness aside, the purity of the ballet, the culture of international superstardom, and the knowledge that, unlike any other major sport, club football truly features the best, in this regard, footballers in the world. With that said, I in no way exercise any reservations in that my team should be among the world's premier, they should be of a caliber that I can hope for accolades of substance, they should have an individual superstar whom I can identify with and form the fan-athlete relationship that sports grant, and that they should have purely fantastic jerseys.
As a Chicagoan, I've grown increasingly accustomed to sporting disappointment in my post Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls adolescence. While I was fortunate enough to enjoy a run of six NBA Championships in my younger, purer years, I've never enjoyed another championship in my time. Hence my desire to choose a team that is frequently a league championship contender and, perhaps, a formidable opponent in the UEFA Champions League.
In my search, I've come across many great teams. Look for future posts on my leading contenders: FC Bayern Munchen, Chelsea FC, FC Girondins de Bordeaux, FC Liverpool, and Juventus FC.

In the meantime, stay sober.

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Because I'm cosmopolitan. . .
An awesome Nike commercial with the Brazilian National Team. Couldn't find any more info about it, sorry boppers.

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