Monday, September 7, 2009

The English Premier League is like Republicans, taking advantage of the little guys. . .

Crewe Alexanda F.C. have reported that an unnamed
English Premier League club illegally approached a
15-year-old to sign from their academy. Check out the
BBC Story (HERE)

And now, my favorite dirty story of the day.
an attack on
Manchester United F.C. for the improper signing of Paul Pogba this summer.
Le Havre is claiming that:
- Pogba's parents were paid 200,000 pounds each
- Pogba's parents were given a house
- Pogba was promised bumper wages once he turned 17.

Read on (HERE)

Looks like a likely assault of the big-spending tactics of the major club teams. As club football so often deals with recruiting and signing teenagers, deals are abound to be often shady and questionable. Strong parallels can be clearly drawn to the inexcusably grotesque signing habits of NCAA Basketball and Football where schools aim to take as much advantage as possible of poor black kids who can run real fast.

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